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Bookkeeping for self-employed is not difficult.

First, it is necessary to record and categorize all transactions. You may also need to maintain records related to assets and depreciation.

It is very important to correctly calculate, collect and remit sales tax.

Timely reporting and paying tax advances will help you avoid additional penalties and fees.


So not difficult but it takes time and regularity. When you’re a business-of-one, your time is money. So outsource what you can – and leave your bookkeeping to the professionals. 

There are many companies and accounting programs on the market, but they are usually quite complicated and have a lot of extra stuff that you don't need.

Sabko Tax offers 3 packages - the simpler your business is, the lower the price of our service.

You choose the one that suits your business. If you exceed the transaction limits and these will be sporadic, you will pay for additional activities. If you will have more of them because you will increase your business, we can switch to a package with a wider range of services.

Contact us for more info. Set appointment and learn more.

Bookkeeping for Self-employed

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