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Tax Return Preparation



Bookkeeping for self-employed

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We speak English and Polish.

Personal Bookkeeper

Save time and get your bookkeeping done for you.

Are you self-employed?

Are you up to date with recording current transactions? Do you remember and pay your estimated tax on time? Is your annual tax return always prepared on time?

If your answer is "yes", congratulations. You are in a group of very disciplined people.

If the answer is “no”, then you are probably looking for a way to not bother yourself with these problems.

There are many companies and accounting programs on the market, but they are usually quite complicated and have a lot of extra stuff that you don't need. With Sabko Tax you choose the service that suits your business. You get a Personal Bookkeeper work with you from start to finish. You never miss a deadline and leave no deduction behind. 

Sabko Tax offers 3 packages - the simpler your business is, the lower the price of our service.

B - Basic

S - Standard

A - Advanced

For Self-employed

Shipment of parcels to Poland

and other European countries

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